Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SOLAR STRING LIGHTS demo - 10 small lanterns on a string

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


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Monday, September 23, 2013

5" x 5" or 6" x 6" PVC Vinyl Fence White Post Cap Solar Lights

During the day, these energy-efficient Atlantic Solars lights harness sunlight energy to charge their internal Lithium Battery. At night they automatically turn on, emitting a bright glow for your fence post line.
Each Atlantic Solars light is made of Premium Heat-Resistant Plastic for years of use. With our Newest & Improved Solar Panels, a 3.2V Lithium Battery, and 5 Ultra Bright LEDs, its output is virtually unparalleled. Its 2013 Solar Panels ensure longer illumination (up to 6-10 hours), while the 5 LEDs and 3.2V Battery brighten the light output by 13.3x
  • One Atlantic Solars 5"x 5" or 6"x6" White Fence Post Cap Solar Light 
  • One Pre-Installed 3.2V 300mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • LED: 5 Ultra Bright LEDs, Can Last Up To 100,000 Hours
  • Solar panel: 2013 New & Improved For Superior Charging
  • Material: Premium Heat-Resistant Plastic
  • Available in White (or Optional White US paint) color (Black, Copper, Texture Copper & Hammered Bronze US paint in other listings)
  • Operating Time: Up to 6-10 hours
  • Safe & Weather Resistant
  • Dimensions : 5" (L) X 5" (W) X 4" (H)
  • Designed to fit on 5x5 or 6x6 Vinyl/PVC or Wood Posts
  • One 5x5 Combination Mounting Base for 5x5 model has two sides and thus serves two functions. Inside diameter of one side is 4.75" (good for wood posts) and inside diameter of other side is 5 1/16" (good for PVC posts) .... OR 
  • One 6x6 Combination Mounting Base for 6x6 model also has two sides and thus serves two functions. Inside diameter of one side is 5.75" (good for wood posts) and inside diameter of other side is 6 1/16" (good for PVC posts)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We have a great news we want to share with you - WE ARE ADDING A NEW LINE OF PRODUCTS. From now on we adding a BEAUTIFUL THINGS FOR KITCHEN FROM OLD DUTCH INTERNATIONAL

This line will include:
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We need some time to post all items on our site and make them available for sale. We will keep you updated on progress.

Friday, January 11, 2013

NEW! Fence post solar light

OK. They are officially HERE with coupon code SWCPC248W10OFF (10% off. Valid through March 11, 2013). Please apply coupons at checkout (you'll see a final amount before payment)

These white solar fence post caps are perfect for adding a glow to your fence post line or deck railing with a warm white LED, energy saving as powered by the sun. Made of high quality anti-heat plastic, these lights will last for years to come. With a big 10mm warm white LED and our newest solar panel, these lights will provide 2x the brightness and a longer run through the night. Operating time is up to 10 hours, depending on weather conditions.

- Pack of 2 lights
- Sun powered, wireless, simple installation
- Light source: 1 warm white 10mm LED
- Outer material: heat-resistant white plastic
- Operating time: Up to 10 hours, depending on weather conditions
- Pre-installed 1.2V 600MAH rechargeable AA battery
- On/Off switch (for testing and storage purpose. Must be on for initial use)
- Fits 4 X 4 wooden posts and deck rails (Wood/Composite posts: measured smaller than 3-13/16" square OR/AND Hollow Vinyl/Plastic posts: measured inside opening larger than 3-15/16")
- Base dimension: 4" (L) X 5.5" (W) X 4.5" (H)
- Top dimension: 5.5" (L) X 5.5" (W) X 4.5" (H)
- Gross weight: 2.5lbs
- Upc: 875518007304

New Solar lights for your Fence.

Actually they are created for fence posts and deck railings too.
The color of light is warm white LED. The warm white LED looks natural and very pleasant for eyes. If you like the bluish white light this light is not for you.

To use those solar fence post lights you'll need a plenty of sunlight. It is important - those lights harvest solar energy. They will not work if you don't have a enough sunlight. And second thing to consider - other light sources around solar lights: street lights, bright light from your windows (and your neighbors windows), close location to any light source can prevent solar lights from start work at night.

The lights created for decoration purpose only and they not intended to illuminate your garden. They have a nice glow, creates comfort mood for your yard. It can also be used on a porch, fence around pool or just single posts to mark your driveway entrance - hm... I just made it up and I think I will make couple of posts with solar lights for my son AND I would put a WELCOME SIGN on the post .

Oh .... I forgot to tell - we will have a coupon for them (limited time). Please visit our coupon sectionCoupon for fence post solar lights will be posted when I'll post the light on my sight. Please bookmark the blog and come back later for updates.